Feature Water Stations At An Outdoor Community Event


The use of touch-free water stations will prevent heatstroke at an outdoor event. Stations can be used to keep guests hydrated, plus to prepare beverages and foods that will be sold during the event. Touch-Free Stations A touch-free station will contain one or more taps that your guests can access. Some water station products feature a high flow rate and filter packs. Potable water that is filtered is added to many modern refill station products.

23 January 2023

Three Reasons To Order Taquitos


Tacos are a go-to option for many people when they visit a Mexican restaurant, but there are other options on the menu that are always worth exploring. You'll often see taquitos available at Mexican eateries. If you haven't previously had this fare, one way to describe it is as a smaller version of the taco. Taquitos have hard shells and are rolled, unlike hard-shell tacos. You're often able to order them individually, but there are also platters that feature larger quantities — which can be ideal if you're looking for an appetizer for your table.

13 January 2023