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When you work in food service, it can be surprising who you serve. You might serve a firefighter on their way home from putting out a fire. You might serve hospital workers, artists, musicians, lawyers, and dentists. It's a unique role, but it's a very important one. Everyone needs to eat, and so everyone really needs food service. We like to write about food service on this blog, and it is not always from the perspective you might imagine we would write about. Read a few articles, and you'll get a better sense of what we mean and what this industry really involves.

Three Reasons To Order Taquitos


Tacos are a go-to option for many people when they visit a Mexican restaurant, but there are other options on the menu that are always worth exploring. You'll often see taquitos available at Mexican eateries. If you haven't previously had this fare, one way to describe it is as a smaller version of the taco. Taquitos have hard shells and are rolled, unlike hard-shell tacos. You're often able to order them individually, but there are also platters that feature larger quantities — which can be ideal if you're looking for an appetizer for your table. Here are three reasons to order taquitos.

Easier To Eat

A lot of people like taquitos because they're fairly easy to eat. Because the corn shell wraps its way entirely around the inside ingredients, you don't have to worry about spillage as much. This can be ideal if you're dining with kids. Some children have trouble with conventional tacos, often losing some of the ingredients out the top of the taco upon taking a bite. Not only does the shell of a taquito do a better job of retaining the ingredients, but it's also relatively small in diameter. This makes it easy to get your whole mouth around it before you take a bite.

Less Filling

The smaller size of taquitos makes them less filling to eat, which can be ideal in certain scenarios. For example, if you're looking for a quick snack when you're on the run, ordering a single taquito will be less food than a single taco. If you sometimes feel that one taco fills you up between meals more than you'd like, you may find that a taquito offers just the right amount of food.

Lower In Calories

Their smaller size doesn't just make taquitos easier to eat and less filling than conventional tacos. They're also lower in calories compared to tacos that have similar ingredients. For example, a beef taquito will almost certainly contain fewer calories than a beef taco, as the latter will include not only more beef, but also more cheese, sour cream, and other ingredients. This nutritional difference is worth keeping in mind during times that you're watching your intake of calories. For example, if you're counting calories and get invited by friends to eat Mexican food, you may decide to order a small portion of taquitos as a way to enjoy your meal without having too many calories. 

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13 January 2023