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When you work in food service, it can be surprising who you serve. You might serve a firefighter on their way home from putting out a fire. You might serve hospital workers, artists, musicians, lawyers, and dentists. It's a unique role, but it's a very important one. Everyone needs to eat, and so everyone really needs food service. We like to write about food service on this blog, and it is not always from the perspective you might imagine we would write about. Read a few articles, and you'll get a better sense of what we mean and what this industry really involves.

Feature Water Stations At An Outdoor Community Event


The use of touch-free water stations will prevent heatstroke at an outdoor event. Stations can be used to keep guests hydrated, plus to prepare beverages and foods that will be sold during the event.

Touch-Free Stations

A touch-free station will contain one or more taps that your guests can access. Some water station products feature a high flow rate and filter packs. Potable water that is filtered is added to many modern refill station products. A station may contain a tripod frame or may contain an anchored base or a wheelbase. If there will be food tents set up at the event that you will be hosting, a refill station that is readily available will ensure that fresh foods and custom beverages can be prepared on demand.

Touch-free stations limit the spread of germs. They are suited for use at any event that is going to draw in large crowds. A refill station may be motion-activated or may contain a pedal attachment that is designed to trigger each tap. The taps may be suspended over a drain. The drain will catch any water runoff and release it to the ground.

Less Waste And More Money

Selling plastic bottles of water can be very wasteful. Plastic could wind up littered on the ground or could take up a lot of space in the waste receptacles that you furnish your guests with. The use of event water stations will minimize waste, which will allow you to keep the outdoor area orderly throughout the event. If you would like to give back to the community, consider renting or purchasing several water stations that your guests will have unlimited access to.

You can use the water refill stations to generate customer sales. Plastic tumblers or another type of cup product can be sold at the public event. Anyone who decides to make a purchase may decide to use their cup when accessing one of the event water stations. Because a water station that is electrically operated will contain a refrigerant, you will not need to purchase bagged ice products to keep the water chilled.

Each refill station should be set up in an area where there is electrical access. To ensure that your guests are aware of how to use the touch-free refill stations, place printed directions near each unit. Some refill stations may come with written instructions that are displayed directly on a unit.  

For more information about event water stations, contact a local company. 


23 January 2023